Our Environmental Strategy and CSR

  • Where possible, we try to rectify faults remotely, whether network or device related. Also, by reducing the amount of miles we do with careful planning of job routing and tracked vehicles, along with taking the required parts with us on the first job, we can reduce down time on your devices and cut fuel usage and emissions.
  • Toner Recycling Scheme – In 2017 we revamped our used toner recycling scheme with a new partner.
  • For the past 4 years we have been successfully running a full electric vehicle and have switched our electricity supply to a provider using fully renewable energy, meaning we can now make sustainable journeys using this vehicle. As full electric commercial vehicles are fast becoming a more viable option with the advancement of battery technology, we will also begin to move to a full electric van fleet.
  • We use energy efficient LED lighting and also motion sensors where practical in our offices to reduce our electricity consumption. We also run energy efficient electric heating and cooling products.
  • We have reduced our own paper use, where we email all but a handful of our invoices and have supplied our engineers with iPhones and laptops to eliminate paper based worksheets and also boost efficiency.
  • We have deployed document solutions both in house and for our customers, such as Paper Cut and Print Release Lite as an efficient workflow and environmental tool where printed document production can be greatly reduced and monitored with GDPR compliance.
  • We recycle working IT equipment locally through the IT Schools Africa scheme and can also put our customers in touch with them.

What happens to empty toner cartridges?

We have implemented a toner cartridge recycling scheme for all our customers, with the option to opt out if a customer has their own preferred recycling partner. As a member of our scheme, all your used toner cartridges will be collected from your premises when we visit, and then recycled for you.

What happens to a photocopier or printer at the end of its life?

When we upgrade your photocopier or printer, the old one will be taken away to our workshop facility where it will be assessed. If it is at the end of its lifespan, it is stripped down and the useful parts are removed, to keep aged devices running for as long as possible and what’s left is recycled locally to minimise any additional carbon footprint. Devices that still have good life left in them are completely refurbished and are rented out to customers on short or long term direct rentals. Any devices that fall between these two categories, where the device is still fully operational with no issues, we donate to local charities for their use, where we can repair and supply consumables on an ad-hoc basis, meaning they are not tied into a service contract.

N.B. All data is removed from your device as soon as it reaches our workshop, so there is minimal to no risk of any data falling into the wrong hands.

SHARP‘s Environmental Strategy


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