SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifiers

Plasmacluster aids with the reduction of airborne particles to help keep the people that power your business safe and healthy

We understand that businesses are successful because of the people that work within them, and protecting those people from potential threats should be a top priority. That’s why Sharp developed their own range of air purifies and and humidifiers. These help reduce the presence of airborne particulates, such as pollen, dust and liquid droplets, and support your business in keeping your people healthy.

sharp plasmacluster air purifiers

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Key Features

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Brightness Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • PM 2.5 Sensor
  • Odour Sensor
  • Dust & Smoke Sensor

Room Size Guide

Click the link below to open our illustration explaining how to work out a room size.

Size Guide

To work out a room size

Measure the length and width of the room and times them together.

Room height must be 2.5m or below for the Plasmacluster models. If the room height is higher the square meterage would increase.

Example – 6m long x 4m wide – cleaning height is 2.5m (standard) so this room is 24m2

Example – 6m long x 4m wide – ceiling height is 4m so we would need to double the square meter = 48m2

More than one Plasmacluser can be used in a space to cover larger areas.


A smart process

Plasmacluster replicates naturally occurring ions and ejects them into the air. These ions are surrounded by water molecules and act as the air cleaning agent to first catch the smallest of particles within the surrounding air.

Once caught, the ions adhere to the microbes and break them down by removing hydrogen from their surface proteins. This causes the tiny dust particles to pull and form together into larger particulates that sink towards the ground. From there Plasmacluster’s fast airflow technology collects and removes them from the air.

Once the microbes are safely stored within Plasmacluster the filtration system filters them out, and hydroxide radicals combine with hydrogen to form clean water particles, which is then returned with the clean air to the room.

Particle Filtration

Plasmacluster’s triple filtration system makes quick work of airborne particles and odours.

The device uses a smart three-step approach to particle filtration. The first step, or pre-filter, works to remove and absorb dust and harmful particulates. The second step, or odour filter eliminates unpleasant or bad smells from the air, like cigarette smoke and other homemade odours.

Step three uses a HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of all pollen, allergens, viruses, mould and bacteria from the surrounding air. By removing harmful particulate matter from the air, Plasmacluster helps to keep your spaces clean and your people safe.

Air Humidification System

Once air is filtered, Plasmacluster works like a humidifier to release water molecules too small to carry dangerous particles, delivering clean and hygienic air to the surrounding area.

Either manually or automatically, the device adjusts the level of humidity based on room temperature, which helps improve indoor climate and staff productivity. By eliminating dry pathogenic air, and at the right humidity, you can even prevent the throat and eyes from drying, and keep skin moisturised and healthy.

Sensor Technology

The system uses smart sensor technology to continuously monitor the surrounding air for cleanliness, humidity, and temperature. If anomalies are detected they automatically trigger Plasmacluster to adjust its working mode and bring air quality back to normal. Sensor sensitivity can be adjusted by the user, so you can make sure the automatic operations of the device are suited to the individual needs of you and your business.

How Do They Work?

Click the link below to download Sharp’s infographic illustrating how the Plasmacluster Air Purifiers work.

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