SHARP Interactive Touchscreen Table: Early Years Edition

The Early Years Table is specifically designed for early years education providers, like nurseries and junior schools.

The Early Years Interactive Touchscreen Table gives you the tools you need for early years foundation stage (EYFS) teaching and learning. It sits at size mark 2 – the standard for early years furniture in the UK and can be tilted from vertical to horizontal for individual or group use. Innovative P-CAP touchscreen technology is perfect for early years mark making, which is vital to the development of handwriting, gross and fine motor skills.

Education-based games provide staff with an excellent tool for teaching letters, numbers, and shapes too. Apps keep content engaging and memorable and encourages children to learn how to play and share with other children using digital technology – setting them up for school and further education. The Early Years Table is an excellent way of demonstrating your compliance with Ofsted guidance too. The regulating body now advises early years education providers to offer access to digital technology to ensure children in their duty of care get a well-rounded EYFS experience – one that prepares them for future education and adulthood.

Yellow Door

The Early Years Table works in harmony with award-winning teaching and learning apps by Yellow Door. Yellow Door offers multisensory resources for children in the early years foundation stage age group. In conjunction with an Early Years Table from Sharp, Yellow Door apps enable nurseries and other early years education providers to develop children’s learning through fun and play – whilst importantly encouraging the development of essential digital childhood skills from an early age. Their latest 26 app bundle supports development in numeracy, literacy, phonics, STEM, and precoding, as well as sensory skills with the addition of the new Sensory Worlds app, all delivered in a fun and engaging way.

SHARP Interactive Touchscreen Tables:  Collaborating With Colleagues

Designed with you in mind. Available in several models, our Interactive Touchscreen Table range is perfect for Office, Healthcare and Education.

Whether you’re a business, healthcare or education provider, technology is important for teamwork, learning, communication, and enhancing the daily experience of those under your care. Introducing our range of Interactive Touchscreen Tables. With three unique products in the range, each is an easy-to-use mobile screen product designed to give you more flexibility than a dedicated meeting space, or to increase engagement in activities or learning. By making use of market-leading touch technology, the products allow up to 40 simultaneous touchpoints, making them ideal for individual or group use.


The Agile Interactive Touchscreen Table sits at a fixed height and comes with a screen that can tilt from a vertical position to 54 degrees, making it perfect for either seated or standing use. The device is made from stylish powder coated steel with easy-lock wheels and comes in two variations – with or without a battery pack. From empty to fully charged in 3 hours, the batter y model will provide up to 8 hours of continuous use, so you can easily move the screen around an office or school to where it’s needed. A built-in camera and microphone enable Agile to be used as a mobile video conference tool for meetings, or keeping loved ones connected in care homes.


The Flex Interactive Touchscreen Table works in exactly the same way as Agile. As the name suggests, Flex comes with the added flexibility of using the device vertically or horizontally and is also height adjustable. So, it doesn’t matter if want to work seated or standing, the table can adapt to your needs.

A unique self-contained mobile solution

Powered by a built-in battery pack, simply charge the table overnight and unplug to use throughout the day, eliminating trip hazards and maximising mobility.

Intuitive natural touch user experience

The screen uses the latest P-CAP touch technology providing a more responsive and natural experience,helping users to easily mark-make and draw.

Suitable for ALL ages

From schools and nurseries, through to nursing homes, our Interactive Touchscreen can provide help, support and fun for all ages.

Contemporary, stylish design with tiltable and lockable screen for more comfortable use.

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    LCD Panel

    31.5” / 800.1mm diagonal, active matrix TFT LCD

    Max. Resolution

    Full HD 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz

    Max. Brightness (average)

    430 cd/m2

    Contrast Ratio

    3000 : 1

    Responsive Time (grey to grey avg.)

    8 msec

    Touch Technology

    Projected Capacitive Touch (P-CAP)

    Power Supply

    Supplied from main unit


    40 points

    Touch Thru

    Supports gloves up to 1.4mm

    Power Management


    Speaker Output

    2 x 5W

    Power Consumption

    On: 44W. Sleep: 1.43W

    Operating Temperature

    0° C to 35° C

    Operating Humidity

    20% to 80%

    On Screen Display (OSD)

    Volume, Brightness, Colour


    Android Player


    Android 10 Google Play Services


    Qualcomm Snapdragon 660


    4GB RAM DDR3

    Storage Internal









    Weight (without battery)


    Weight (with battery)





    12.8v 38Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate

    Recharge time

    3 hours from empty

    Typical run time

    8 hours




    Full HD



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