Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment rental is just that. You are renting a piece of equipment directly from us, rather than buying or leasing. You will still need to have a Service Agreement in place to cover all the breakdown calls, servicing, and toners.

If you keep hold of the empty cartridges, our Engineers will collect them on their next visit and return them here, where they are recycled by one of our partners.

No. An all inclusive equipment service agreement from us means that all you need to add is paper (and the electricity of course).

There is very limited recycling for these units. However, our Engineers can collect these from your site on their next visit and return them to our workshops, where they are ethically disposed of by our trade waste partner in.

It’s basically a “buzzword” created by the IT industry, which is what we as a photocopier / printer provider have been doing for the last 34 years. It just means that we, as a provider manage your printer fleet.

Yes. When we remove your equipment at the end of the lease, the equipment is then returned to our workshop where all data is wiped from the memory and hard drive. However, with the new range of Sharp devices, we can activate 3 different security levels, ensuring the compliance and security of your customers’ digital information.

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