Skywell 5TE®  Atmospheric Water Generator – Water from thin air

Let’s change how we think about drinking water.
For good.

Our planet needs a better way to create and dispense clean drinking water— a new approach that’s convenient, yet respectful of our environment.

Our solution: The Skywell. Revolutionary technology that creates clean water from the air. We call it air water. To produce it, all you need is a Skywell and a standard electrical outlet.

Skywell is committed to impacting our world’s water crisis. We’re empowering people to control their own water supply—and in the process, to act in a socially responsible manner regarding the Earth’s waning supply of clean drinking water.

The time is right for change—the Skywell delivers it, one glass at a time.

The Skywell takes one of the Earth’s most plentiful resources—the air around us—and creates one of its most precious: pure drinking water.

How it works

Just plug it in; the Skywell takes in ambient air, and through condensation it collects moisture, then meticulously filters it to remove contaminants. This pure water is ready for dispensing—hot or cold.

How it thinks

The Skywell is not only revolutionary; it’s smart. An 8-inch interactive screen displays water temperatures and stored volume, and tracks your consumption data and total environmental impact. The screen also enables you to program the Skywell for maximum efficiency.

It’s simple. It’s efficient.

It’s revolutionary.

Just plug it in.

What could you do with 100 Gallons of Water?

The Skywell 5TE’s bigger brother, the Skywell100 changes everything. The Skywell 100 produces up to 100 gallons of clean drinking water per day, virtually anywhere, from the workplace cafeteria to dorms and athletic facilities, to remote villages around the world.

The Skywell 100 generates fresh water for almost anything, including indoor and outdoor farming or off-grid uses. Whatever your unique situation is, the Skywell offers you the flexibility to make water where you need it, when you need it.

The Skywell 5TE

  • Generates around 20 litres of water per day from the air
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Place it virtually anywhere you need it
  • You control your own water
  • No toxins, chemicals or pollutants suspended in the water
  • Track your hydration and set daily water intake goals
  • Engaging and informative touchscreen dashboard
  • Create your own hydration profile
  • Will integrate with health apps in the near future

According to a House of Commons report, UK households get through 7.7 billion plastic water bottles per year. The report compiled by RECOUP (RECycling of Used Plastics Ltd) has calculated that consumption of water from plastic bottles has doubled in the last 15 years and that plastic bottles make up 26% of total plastic packaging.

The UK currently recycles 57% of these plastic bottles, but we should all be playing a part in reducing the amount of plastic waste. The report also suggests that a staggering 234 million plastic bottles are littered in the UK each year, not only blighting our towns, cities and countryside, but posing a significant threat to our wildlife too.

All this for less than £5 per day

Why it’s better

The Skywell has many critical advantages over conventional drinking water sources.

Skywell vs. bottle water delivery
• Earth-friendly: No delivery truck – saving fossil fuel and reducing polution.
• More convenient: No large, heavy bottles to handle or store, no deliveries to manage.
• Higher quality: No pesticides, pharmaceuticals or other chemicals.

Skywell vs. individual water bottles
• Earth-friendly: Eliminates the environmental cost of producing and disposing of billions of plastic bottles.
• Saves you money: Lower cost per serving
• Higher quality: Air water doesn’t contain chemicals used to treat water that has been bottles.

Skywell vs. tap water filteration systems
• Earth-friendly: The Skywell eliminates the water waste common with many filtration systems.
• More convenient: No water line required, enabling you to put it anywhere.
• Higher quality: Air water contains none of the groundwater contaminants that can pass through these systems to your glass.





1235 x 327 x 507mm (HxWxD)

Net weight

75 Kg

Power rating

AC 110-120V / 60Hz / 13A

Energy consumption

1.01kW (220 to 240V)

Refrigerant types

R134a & R410a

Cold water power


Hot water power


Dispense temp. range

2.8°C – 97.8°C

Sound level


Collection tank capacity

6 L 

Cold tank capacity

10 L 

Hot tank capacity

 0.8 L 

Manufacturers Warranty

1 year on device, 5 years on compressor


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