elmrep Printer Copiers and Scaners GloucestershireAutomated Support Alert Program – ASAP

Utilising the latest in technology and without the need for installing any software on your network, ASAP is a time effective tool that will enable your networked copier – printer – scanner to order toner and relay faults such as paper jams and error codes to us directly, enabling us to respond quickly, usually even before you are aware of the problem!

This system negates the need for you to keep track of the toner stock levels and as we all know, /This is Why an occasion where someone forgets to order the toner can bring the entire office almost to a complete halt for days. This also means that there would be no need for stacks of toner and other consumables taking up valuable office space or getting lost.

ASAP Seemless Service From Elmrep Gloucester

“The intelligent system works by automatically emailing us a notification”

elmrep Printer Copiers and Scaners GloucestershireASAP – Seemless Service

The intelligent system works by automatically emailing us a notification when the toner supply is low. No extra hardware or software is needed, just an internet connection on your network or PC.

Our devices will also send us their meter readings directly, saving you administration time and ensuring precise and regular billing.

The information sent by the device will allow us to accurately schedule maintenance intervals and give us early indication of potential problems.

We also have the ability (with your permission) to set up a secure remote connection to your desktop as and when you require, to allow us to troubleshoot faults and amend any user or technical settings on the device. We can even remotely run you through any additional training or assistance required using the same method.