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Print, Scan & Fleet Management Solution

MyQ is an award-winning solution designed to effectively manage and optimize your print environment and streamline its related processes.

Save your time for what you do best

Printers speaking MyQ work faster with people.

It may not seem like much, but every time you get stuck peering into the printer’s control panel trying to figure out the right settings, you’re losing minutes that wind up being hours at the end of the year. With MyQ, the home screen of the Embedded Terminal is straightforward and the functions set to be carried out automatically, so these hours translate into extra time you can use more productively. Time is money, and saved time is saved money!

Pull Print

No more worries about losing confidential information.

Pull printing with MyQ allows users to completely control the release of their jobs with access after authentication by ID, PIN, username and password, or the MyQ mobile app. Users’ jobs are securely stored within the MyQ Server and wait until the owner releases them at the device of their choice. This is great for employees who take their time between pressing “ctrl-P” and arriving at the device of their choice to retrieve their documents, because they don’t have to worry about them landing in another person’s hands.

Easy Scan

Remove unnecessary steps in the scanning process.

The document workflow is automated by connecting the multifunction printer (MFP) to a personalized scan destination, such as a network folder, cloud storage, or e-mail. The Easy Scan function can be pre-set so that a single click on the icon launches the entire process, up until the document arrives at the desired location. This reduces unnecessary steps – saving time and, in the long run, money.

Print with your smart device!

Enhance your productivity in print, scan and copy tasks with the MyQ X Mobile App.

Mobile printing from MyQ is more than just printing from a smart device. MyQ lets you authenticate yourself and manage your jobs from your mobile phone or tablet with the MyQ application (iOS and Android), turning it into a portable workstation. Transform your smart device into your workstation with truly mobile printing from MyQ.

Enjoy the possibility of managing your printing tasks in the MyQenvironment directly from the versatile MyQ app.You will be able toprint files, securely release jobs, recharge credit, unlock devices, and much more from the comfort of your favorite smart device.

Verify your identity using your phone

Get a pull-print level of security with MyQ App’s contactless authentication.

Use your phone as a digital key to unlock your queued prints by releasing them after authentication with your device. Its very easy – you just need to scan the QR code off the printer or its panel, type the password in your phone, and you are free to use it! Logging in to any device in the MyQ network this way can virtually have the same result as using the pull print function. When you log in and upload files with your smartphone, you have at that moment a personal pull-print queue and your documents cannot get misplaced. They are held on the server until you authorize their release. 

Needless to say, another (very topical) benefit of mobile authentication is that you won’t need to touch anything, as it is completely contactless. The only thing that will pass through your hands, apart from your phone, is the printed sheet of paper.  

Scan directly to Cloud storage

Make documents available to your team anytime, anywhere.

MyQ lets you scan to popular Cloud services such as, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, GoogleDrive, Amazon Web Services S3 or Dropbox. It makes the availability of scanned documents and collaboration with your colleagues easier than ever before.

Client Spooling

Connection restraints are not a problem.

For organizations with many branch offices, including remote locations where bandwidth may be an issue, client spooling may be a practical feature. In this instance, jobs are sent to an application on the users’ PC instead of the server. With this approach, the amount of data transferred and bandwidth consumed is greatly reduced. Only job metadata is sent to the print server, which is then used for the user’s authentication at any device in the company’s MyQ network. After the job is printed from the user’s PC or laptop, the printer sends accounting data to the MyQ server.

Device Spooling

A safety net for when connection crashes.

Device spooling makes it possible to print and copy documents even if the print server is offline. The job sent to the queue is stored (encrypted) in the memory of the MFP, and can be shared by up to 10 devices for as long as one week. The user can come up to any of these printers, authenticate themselves and go ahead with the job, even if there is no connection between the printer and the server. Once this connection is restored, the MFP sends data about the jobs executed in the meantime to the server database.

One-click OCR

Make your documents editable and searchable in one click.

Documents can be converted to searchable PDFs and editable MS Office formats, thanks to the additional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine from ABBYY. The Easy Scan function can store these documents to the organization’s DMS in a searchable format – all in one click. This is helpful for users who need to find specific information among thousands of files in their system, using full-text search.

Attach Essential Data to the Scanned File

Make document handling easier in the management system.

Store your scanned document including important data. During the scanning process, you can enter additional information about the document that is being scanned. Typically for an invoice, you can type e.g. the invoice number, due date, grand total, and currency. These indexes will appear along with your document in the internal system.


A fully personalized UI – the MyQ Embedded Terminal

A unique, unparalleled panel that only shows what the user needs.

Save your users the time spent deciphering the printer’s complicated settings. The MyQ Embedded Terminal is a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand. Functions shown after logging in to any device can be adjusted to reflect the user’s specific needs and tasks they perform most often, making them available at a single click. They can be specified for groups of users, e.g. departments, as well as for a single user or device.


Why our customers love using MyQ on their Sharp Devices:

  • Customised experience
    We live in a world of personalization, where quicker, easier and safer are key
    to creating an improved experience and where proof and justification take
    a prominent role in any procurement process.
  • Get more done within the same amount of time
    In recent years workforce people‘s expectations and demands have increased,
    wanting to get more done within the same amount of time, creating additional
    unnecessary stresses and strains within a business environment.
  • The very latest in print communication technology
    MyQ recognize that time is the most important commodity we have,
    and have taken that belief through into developing the very latest in print
    communication technology.


Who will benefit?

Marketing teams will be excited by unique brand and messaging features.
CEOs will love the visibility of a transparent group landscape.
IT teams will see an instant benefit from network stability and speed of information.
HR departments will have confidence in user management and security features.
FDs will love the simplicity of cost monitoring and account reporting.
Managers will understand how much time is saved through personalization.

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