Advanced Multi-Board Driver – TH5 Series

Key Features

  • Easy to setup and to configure a powerful BIG PAD Pro interactive wall solution
  • Supports either 2x or 3x BIG PAD Pro PN-70TH5 & PN-80TH5 Interactive displays
  • Supports simultaneous multi-user, multi-display and 10-point multi-touch
  • Advanced software driver for smooth and highly responsive Capacitive (P-Cap) touch performance
  • Enhanced productivity, data sharing and collaboration for fast decision making
  • Enhanced learning effect with improved presentation of data intensive material
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Sharp’s Advanced Multi-Board Driver takes Sharp’s award winning and state of the art BIG PAD Pro PNTH5 range and allows easy configuration of an interactive wall installation.

Having either two or three side-by-side BIG PADs using the Advanced Multi-Board Driver allows for increased collaboration and display space in corporate boardrooms, mission critical control rooms and higher-education lecture halls. Building on a unique pioneering IFPD legacy, the Multi-Board BIG PAD represents Sharp’s latest innovative insight and unparalleled experience in providing optimised and dedicated collaborative multi-touchscreen solutions.

Offering state-of-the-art collaboration with the outstandingly smooth projected capacitive (P-CAP) touch technology, Sharp’s 70″ and 80” BIG PADs are re-inventing the interactive wall for for the most demanding Creative, Productive and Decisive meeting collaboration.

Sharp’s premium 70″ or 80” BIG PAD are equipped with a fast, responsive and intuitive projected-capacitive 10-point multi-touch, which has been optimised for demanding meeting rooms, lecture theatres and mission-critical war-room environments. Enhanced team communication and the capturing of all creative expression means that the best conditions for decisive and productive collaboration are achieved.

Using either two or three BIG PADs in the highly productive interactive wall configuration has been made easier and more effective with the Advanced Multi-Board Driver. The single collaboration surface is larger and more responsive and when combined with the SHARP Touch Viewing Software offers a powerful and easy-to-use interface and filing system to collect and organise data from different collaborative projects.

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