Em@iled Reporting

Utilising our Remote Email Diagnostics Software, we are able to manage your multi-functional printer (MFP) fleet without installing any software client (collection agent) onto your network. Your MFP will simply email us to order its toner and relay faults such as paper jams, error codes and maintenance requests. This enables us to proactively respond to any issues before they have chance to escalate, causing downtime for you!

Our proactive system removes the need for you to keep track of toner stock levels, because as we all know,  an occasion where someone forgets to order the printer toner can bring an office almost to a halt for days.

Our unique intelligent back office system cleverly works by automatically reading and actioning these email notifications, alerting our staff of any of the above issues, so we can work with you and deal with them quickly and effectively. This system saves you down time and administration time, whilst ensuring precise and regular billing.

Your IT team will like the fact that our monitoring is one-way only, so no “agent” is running around on their network gathering all sorts of information and sending it back. We know many IT companies who have simply turned these off or removed them altogether.

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