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Article from Punchline Magazine Gloucester:

Gloucester printer, copier and scanner suppliers elmrep are launching an addition to their product range that is set to take the company into a whole new area of technology supply.

The Interactive Touchscreen Table (ITT) from Sharp is already creating a stir among existing clients and elmrep believe it will bring a raft of new clients to their door who may be keen to bring their businesses up to date.

While tablets and smartphones are now just an accepted part of business life – whether used for collating data, supporting business-to-client relationships or demonstrating products – the Interactive Touchscreen Table offers a whole new user experience.

It comprises a 40-inch mobile touchscreen which can be applied to a wide range of uses – from toddlers in playgroups to people with learning disabilities and Dementia.

It has fully-lockable wheels making it mobile and yet keeping safety in mind. And it is constructed out of aluminium making it robust but is encased in sleek oak to make it blend in with any setting – whether educational or corporate.

Furthermore, it can be tilted up to 68° and fixed to withstand even a child’s eager hands.

Managing director Lee Summers believes the ITT is winning over existing clients.

He said: “We are well known as suppliers of quality photocopiers, printers and scanners but this will be a great addition to any boardroom – it is basically like a giant iPad.

“It is based on Android technology so the latest software and Apps can be downloaded on to it.

elmrep also have their own team of engineers who are just a phone call away which means less ‘downtime’ for clients if equipment does pose challenges.

The new ITT immediately received interest from a local nursery who identified the benefits of the table in their work with children.

Interactive educational software can be installed or simply videos and cartoons for the children to enjoy.

At the other end of the scale elmrep are keen to demonstrate how it might be used in work with people with learning disabilities or even dementia.

Mr Summers said: “There are specific packages which can be installed, or it could just be that family photos are downloaded to encourage memory work in the elderly.

“We launched the Interactive Touchscreen Table just before Christmas and we are already off to a flying start.

The product is available to be purchased or leased on a three or five-year contract for a monthly cost.”

The company is already working with Generation Events who see the benefits of offering the table for one-off hire and say it is ideal for such events as weddings to highlight the ceremony or keep the younger guests entertained. Within five minutes of promoting the product on Facebook Mr Summer says he received an order.

Several companies have already acknowledged that outright purchase of the table at just shy of £4,000 is a sound investment when the multi-use opportunities are considered.

Once the table has been built in battery has been charged overnight then it provides the user with 8 hours of links to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or an alternative wireless network.

The Interactive Touchscreen Table from Sharp is available from elmrep. For more information, call us on 01452 300959.

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