Sports Day for Gloucestershire Young Carers

As you know we like to support our community, so when Sally Gillespie, Development Manager of Gloucestershire Young Carers, approached our Head of Business Relations, Nikki Budding to help source and sponsor a venue for their Sports Day we jumped at the chance.

Local charity Gloucestershire Young Carers provide activity days throughout the school holidays for young carers aged between 8-16. These days are a fun way to connect with other young carers, take time away from their caring roles at home, try new experiences they might not otherwise get and enjoy being children again.

“We support over 900 young carers in the county so days like this are always popular, we couldn’t provide this service without the support we receive through fundraising. We are very grateful to Elmrep for sponsoring the venue hire for our sports day this year, it’s great to have this local support for what we do.” Sally Gillespie – Development Manager – Gloucestershire Young Carers

“For us, as a business, it’s important for us to support younger people within our community, and what better way to do this by sponsoring the venue at Walls Club. Allowing these young carers to enjoy a day where they can step away from their caring responsibilities, have fun and reset” Nikki Budding – Head of Business Relations – Elmrep


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