How Not To Get Ripped Off When Buying Your New Photocopier/Printer

Talk is cheap…..or is it??

1) Obviously we are going to start by advising you to talk to us. However, no matter which supplier you deal with, talk to them and ensure they fully understand your needs and that you fully understand what they are trying to sell you.

At Elmrep, we pride ourselves on our reputation of being an honest and dependable company. Our staff have no incentive to upsell a high spec printer, or to add options that you simply do not need. We will work with you to find the best and most efficient fit for your company environment. After all, no one knows your company better than you do.

Don’t confuse buying, renting and maintaining.

2) No matter if you purchase your new printer outright, finance through a third party leasing company, or rent directly from us, you will still require a cost-per-page agreement to cover the maintenance and consumables needed to run the device and keep it in tip top condition. Beware of suppliers who will tell you it’s more cost effective to bundle your maintenance with your lease, all you are doing is giving them license to print money.

Our helpful staff will break down your costs into the supply and also the maintenance of the equipment, giving you a clear Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO.


Why pay for what you’re not using?

3) You know that mobile phone contract that costs you a fortune and gives you a bazillion “free” minutes, texts and Gigabytes of data that you will never ever use? There are some seemingly great deals out there for Photocopiers/Printers where you pay a fixed monthly fee for thousands of black and white pages, along with a couple hundred colour pages. That may look tempting to start with, but what if processes change within your company? You will end up paying an extortionate amount for something you will not use.

Elmrep will only supply you with a simple cost per page that is billed monthly in arrears. This way, you only pay for what you use, it’s that simple.


Jargon shmargon!

4) We find that many sales people try to baffle a potential customer with jargon, no matter what the industry. We are simple folk here at Elmrep, so we have no trouble in explaining things in simple terms. Beware of phrases such as; a total volume print plan, a managed print plan (agreement), or even an ongoing lease plan. Be sure to read any agreements or contracts fully and don’t be afraid to ask if there is something you don’t fully understand. If your provider isn’t too happy when they have to explain a term, then they probably aren’t the right supplier for you.



5) Talk to companies who are already with the potential provider. You will have no better insight into what a supplier is really like, than talking to someone who has the best insight. If the provider is actually willing to let you talk to a customer, try not to be talked into speaking with someone from their handpicked list. Ask if there is a similar sized company in the local area who you could possibly contact.

We find that happy customers are all too accommodating in sharing their experiences and opinions with someone else.


We hope that this little article has been enlightening and that you may have drawn something from it.

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