Celebrating a Hero: Sophie’s Life-Saving Act

We are thrilled to share a heart-warming story of courage and quick thinking that unfolded at a recent family gathering. Sophie Newman, one of our esteemed staff members, demonstrated exceptional bravery and composure when she used her CPR and first aid training to save a life.

During a casual BBQ, a sudden emergency struck when a family friend stopped breathing. In a moment of crisis, Sophie’s training kicked in, and she sprang into action while others around her were understandably panicked. Remaining calm and focused, Sophie performed CPR with precision and determination. After the third rescue breath, there was a collective sigh of relief as the lady regained her breath and started breathing again.

The lady was promptly taken to the hospital, where it was revealed that the incident was due to a lack of oxygen reaching the brain. Sophie’s timely intervention made all the difference in a critical moment.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tidal Training Direct Ltd for equipping Sophie with the vital knowledge and skills that enabled her to act confidently in this life-or-death situation. This inspiring outcome underscores the importance of CPR and first aid training. It truly pays off to be prepared, as demonstrated by Sophie’s heroic actions.

Sophie’s courage and quick response serve as a powerful reminder of the impact each of us can make by being trained and ready to assist in emergencies. Her story highlights the value of having life-saving skills within our communities.

We are immensely proud of Sophie for embodying our commitment to making a positive impact. Her bravery and decisive actions inspire us all to prioritise preparedness and take proactive steps to be equipped for unexpected situations.

Sophie commented; “I’ve learned that being prepared can make all the difference. My CPR and first aid training gave me the confidence to act when it mattered most. You never know when you might need these skills, but when you do, they can truly save a life.”

Clare Seed from Tidal Training commented; “Immensely proud of Sophie Newman for stepping in to help someone when they need it most. Having the skills and confidence in a medical emergency is both lifechanging and lifesaving and Sophie saved someone’s life. So very proud. You’re a super role model and ambassador for both your company Elmrep and Tidal Training Direct Ltd 💚”

In conclusion, let Sophie’s remarkable story be a catalyst for awareness and action. Consider enrolling in CPR and first aid courses, as you never know when these skills might be called upon to save a life. Together, we can make a difference.

If you would like to find out more about the courses Tidal Training Direct offer, or the Public Hearts Cheltenham Defibrillator Campaign, please visit their website



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